Balanced Scorecard for Project Management

The balanced scorecard is an excellent tool for elevating your project management organization to a new level of efficiency and success. Whether you create your strategy with pencil and paper or a sophisticated software solution, the balanced scorecard will help you organize all management information.

Few business units are as complex as project management. The many demands on focus and resources leave little time for evaluating whether the process is working as well as it could. The balanced scorecard addresses this lack of effective management tools. It provides an easy-to-understand, intuitive method for viewing a top-down representation of the performance of both individual projects and the project management organization as a whole.

Using the information provided by your project management scorecard, you can not only improve your process efficiency but also ensure that every action by every staff member contributes to the success of your project management organization. Take advantage of this powerful management tool and take control of both your progress and your success.