Motivation as a part of project management for the BSC

When you lead your team toward success, don’t forget about motivation. It is key element of being actually productive. There is a detailed review of various motivation techniques applied to the Balanced Scorecard, but in the project management there is one key element that cannot be missed – communications as sometimes, motivation problems are really just problems with communication.

Imagine that an employee has a valuable idea to share, but instead of listening, their manager simply ignores them.  Their lack of motivation is really a communication failure.
Obviously, this is an exaggerated example, but it is important to make sure that you keep the communication lines open as you design, implement, and use the Balanced Scorecard.

In fact, creating open communication channels is a key part of the process of implementing the Balanced Scorecard.  At each level, your people should be able to communicate easily with the next higher level to address questions of strategy—and with the next lower level to address questions of operations.

Open communication is particularly important when you want to develop strong Key Performance Indicators, as we discuss in detail in our eTraining, “How to Design Winning KPIs.”  Your indicators should be result-oriented, and should be satisfactory to both the manager and the line-level employee.  The manager should agree that the indicator was designed according to strategic goals.  And at the same time, the employee should agree that the indicator successfully measures the process they are working on.

If your employees are used to measuring their job using an old management system, be sure to ask them what they liked—and what they disliked—about that system.

Likewise, consider your existing communication models.  There may be specific people in a particular department who play a key role in communicating with other departments.  Make sure you know about these connections, so you can take advantage of them as you design your new communication system.

Finally, maintain regular communications.  For instance, if an employee knows that their business unit discusses performance issues  in a meeting every Friday, they will be far more motivated to share new ideas–or to draw attention to an indicator that is not working properly.